Carenza Specs February 26th, 2009

Carenza design

Carenza design

So here are the latest specs for the Carenza system. The first thing to say is that it’ll be a loud little beauty with 400w rms as standard, but not only that, this baby can host and daisy chain with other sound systems like it and as well as that it can power upto 4 external speakers for sound reinforcement with a total of 163w rms per cab. If you wanted to, you could connect it to a TV and listen in true 4.1 surround sound!

The battery pack is now external which means that you can go on forever if you have enough batteries! That said, the specified one in this set up is an extreme deep cycle maintenance free jobbie that’ll give Carenza a run time of 5 hours, or 3 hours with the extra speakers at full volume.

We’re currently building her and will be finished by Saturday 28th February.

Carenza is coming… January 27th, 2009

We are in the process of building a new sound system, this time for a fire troupe based in Cambridge. The requirements are simple, maximum output for it’s limited size, and durability. The original spec was for a mains powered unit but we decided to take charge and make the system (codename: Carenza) entirely self sufficient and run off a battery. So far the specs are very similiar to Dirty Sanchez but without the huge battery. The system will not be bike mounted but will have heavy duty wheels and be towable by hand. More news as it comes in…

Final Design for Beatrix V3 September 18th, 2008

Beatrix V3 Design

Beatrix V3 Design

So this is the final design for Beatrix V3. It harnesses the best aspects of V2 with it’s multiple drivers/cone area and seperable boxes enabling it to be transported via car if necessary. It also takes into account the rather successful ported design and tuning but V3 takes it one step further with more efficient and powerful drivers and a better tuning frequency and design that means it can unlike V2 harness it’s ported performance anywhere by being loaded against the ground rather than fired rearwards. This means 100% performance almost 100% of the time regardless of where it is. Stick it in the narrow city streets of London with it’s unique acoustic tendancies and you have probably the most efficient and powerful bicycle sound system in London and any city like it in the world.

Pashley RDC sound system appears on Nike Site September 8th, 2008

So I was recently informed that the running club that commissioned the Pashley based system is involved with Nike and as such the Sound system and the club are both mentioned on the Nike. – Run Dem Crew

May Fayre in Mayfair 2008 May 7th, 2008

After 300 years of being banned, the Space Hijackers ressurected the May Fayre in Mayfair! I went along with Dirty Sanchez and the new Wheeley Case Sound System (Annecca) to liven things up with music 🙂