Beatrix’s enclosures

So the current box needs a needs a bit of major work. Over the course of the year quite a few things have been changed leaving holes and loose joints. So I need to apply silicone/woodglue and seal the bass enclosure. I’ll also need to add two more aero ports to accommodate the new subs which isn’t a major biggy.

The legs for the top box need to be extended by a few more centimeters and a joint added to the middle to facilitate the seperational hinges. Trouble then is finding a way to attach the legs to the bottom box in a way that’ll still allow me to completely seal and/or remove the lid if and when I need to. It’s not an easy thing to do with so much force being applied to three positions on the legs. I could glue and screen the lower half of the legs to the bass unit’s lid and screw around the legs to secure the lid to the box. Trouble is then that it lacks sufficient clamping force for all that air inside. See what I mean? The hinges need to be in the middle to provide a decent place to screw into that’ll support the lateral forces of when Beatrix goes over a pot hole.

The top box also needs upgrading with lexan polycarb as the current perspex isn’t upto the pounding of the 6 100w full range drivers, especially with such large perspex areas. The current perspex is cracking around the screws and rattling against the woodwork. The new plan is to add an aero port for that extra little bit of oomph and rubber sheeting along all the perspex/ply contact points, that’ll stop the rattling and also put less strain on the polycarb.

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