Carenza Specs

Carenza design

Carenza design

So here are the latest specs for the Carenza system. The first thing to say is that it’ll be a loud little beauty with 400w rms as standard, but not only that, this baby can host and daisy chain with other sound systems like it and as well as that it can power upto 4 external speakers for sound reinforcement with a total of 163w rms per cab. If you wanted to, you could connect it to a TV and listen in true 4.1 surround sound!

The battery pack is now external which means that you can go on forever if you have enough batteries! That said, the specified one in this set up is an extreme deep cycle maintenance free jobbie that’ll give Carenza a run time of 5 hours, or 3 hours with the extra speakers at full volume.

We’re currently building her and will be finished by Saturday 28th February.

4 Responses to “Carenza Specs”

  1. Ollie wolf Says:

    My name is Ollie and I’m currently working on a music video for a London based artist and would love to feature your fantastic bikes. I couldn’t find an email but I’d love to chat and talk the idea through with you.

  2. Walter Odington Says:

    Are you guys still up and running? I’m interested to check out your shiz around the london streets

  3. Angus Says:

    Hey There! I’m an architecture student from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. I’m currently working on a university project in partnership with the organisation Global Generation, a community based charity who promote the values of urban agriculture and sustainability. The charity heavily promote education at a local scale with many youth projects and workshops form their Skip Garden at Kings Cross. The Skip Garden is currently on the move from its current site in Kings Cross to a new semi-permanent site right in the heart of the new Kings X development. I’m one of 15 students who have been working over the last 6 months in redesigning the new community Garden. Each student has their individual project within the Garden and mine has been focused on energy generation! I love the work you’ve done and wanted to get in touch to find out more! I’m currently working on a ‘generation station’ which is a green energy hub where people come to learn about the necessity of green energy, whilst working out, I have been looking into creating my own pedal generators and sound systems but have reached a few hickups along the way. I want to create a set up which is powerful enough to power a projector for films and presentations and a few 60 watt bulbs or leds as well as a sound system. I would love to discuss with you further, firstly to learn more, but also if i could work with you at all to build one of these in exchange for permanently advertising bikeology as a partner of the project on a illuminated board which would be highly visible. Furthermore, the generation station is a mobile structure, which has already been confirmed a place at the Bartlett Summer show (attended by 20,000 people over a week), it has been given a place within granary square to be exhibited on a temporary basis, and within a prime location in the new kings cross development on a long term basis, as well as a place at the first UCL festival of engineering in Stratford in august and currently I am in discussions with Secret Garden Party regarding taking it there in July (a festival attended by almost 40,000 people). I would love to talk to you further about the design and the work you do! All the best, Angus

  4. Valiant Says:

    Hey Angus,

    While I can help from the sound system side, the power generation bits I’ve not looked into so much especially recently. LED projectors are definately worth considering now as they get brighter and more established. Lets have a chat sometime.

    Sam at

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