The current technical specifications for Beatrix are on the right —>

Beatrix is currently being upgraded to Version 3 which will see her go to over twice as efficient as she’s ever been. That means we can go twice as loud or twice as long on the same amount of power. She’s also loosing 12kg of weight. She’ll also sound better with her new active crossover network, equaliser and line drivers giving her a tailored cleaner signal to exploit her qualities. That’s right, she’s growing brains (well microprocessors).

The signal comes in from the iPod and goes into the Equaliser, which then boosts the signal by over 2 times the power without losing any quality, before it tunes the music to suit Beatrix’s drivers, for instance it knows that Beatrix may struggle with certain frequencies, so it’ll increase those bands to give the best balanced overall output from Beatrix, before the signal leaves, it is compared to the signal that came in for quality and any final adjustments are made before the signal is sent to the active crossover network. This little beauty knows precisely what frequencies each of the drivers can handle so then when the signal comes in from the EQL it divides it up to bass, mids, and treble and send it’s to the corresponding amplifier channel with precision that the military could only dream of. It knows that the subwoofers don’t like anything higher than 400hz so at 200hz it’s already started gradually sending the signal to the mid drivers and by the time it’s reached 400hz the mids would have just taken over seemlessly. Now that’s smart.

It means that the subwoofers don’t over exert themselves trying to play higher frequencies, and the mids don’t try to kill themselves by playing bass that was intended for bigger badder drivers. There’s logic there, the strength of the subs, the agility of the mids and the grace of the tweeters, each doing what they do best. If you think it’s all crap ask a huge muscley guy to do a grand jete or plie and a ballerina to jump start a family car!

Please note that Peak Power ratings are to be taken with a pinch of salt. I’ve included them purely on the basis that so many people insist on using them. In reality, it’s a useless system of measurement with no standardisation on how or what to measure. Please also note that weight is approximate and the power ratings for the amps are stated at the impedance used by Beatrix.