The Bikes

Beatrix has two bikes to choose from when it comes to being towed. Which one I use depends on the event, terrain and the weather, but more often then not it’ll be Artemis. 

Artemis / Recumbent trike 
Artemis is the most capable of the bikes, serious pulling and stopping power not to mention a much much higher level of comfort. Artemis is a very light Challenge Concept XT trike. The beauty of using Artemis is that I don’t have to worry about where I park up, she’s always stable, has parking brakes. Not to mention that I don’t have to keep Beatrix’s weight upright at red lights.

 The Beast / Road bike
The Beast is a surprisingly capable roadbike. With Beatrix on the back, it still accelerates will and is quite enjoyable to ride. It doesn’t quite have the benefits of Artemis when it comes to comfort or braking… or parking for that matter but it’s still quite fun being able to “mingle” with the crowds.

The Beast